Do you have:

bullet Credit Card Debt
bullet Pay Day Loans
bullet Wage Garnishment
bullet Eviction
bullet Judgments from lawsuits
bullet Unpaid Medical Bills
bullet Harassing Phone Calls from Bill Collectors

Bankruptcy is a solution for people who are experiencing the following:

bullet You take out pay day loans
bullet Your paycheck is being garnished
bullet You have tried Consumer Credit Counseling and Debt Consolidation, but are still in financial trouble
bullet You have been subject to a bank account levy
bullet You work all the time, but are constantly out of money
bullet You are behind on your car payments
bullet Bill collectors call you all the time
bullet You are behind on your house payments
bullet You have to borrow money from friends or family to pay your bills
bullet Owe Money on a car that was repossessed
bullet Home in FORECLOSURE
bullet You have more than $10,000 in credit card bills



Call today for a FREE Consultation!  I have many happy bankruptcy clients!  You can be one too! And you can save a lot of money!

*Does not include $335 Court filing fee and attorney fee may be higher if your situation has complex issues that require work beyond a basic case.

Is your paycheck being garnished?  Are you in financial trouble Did you know that filing for bankruptcy can help you get your money problems under control and your peace of mind back, eliminating most debts so you can get a fresh start. 

When you file for bankruptcy protection, all other legal actions against you are put on hold. Creditors cannot sue you, garnish your wages, levy your bank account,  repossess your car, or start or continue with a foreclosure action against your home. There are different types of bankruptcy filings and each has its own advantages.  Please call for a free consultation to determine which type of bankruptcy is the right solution for your situation.

Remember, the primary goal of bankruptcy is to provide you with an opportunity to eliminate debts, such as credit card, medical debt, deficiencies from repossession or foreclosure, wage garnishments, and other unsecured debt.  

Are your overwhelmed with bills and considering Bankruptcy?  Due to the current state of the economy here in San Bernardino and Riverside County, many Inland Empire residents have suffered long term unemployment, salary cutbacks, and work furloughs.  This situation combined with mortgage payment increases and declining home values has resulted in a "perfect financial storm."  I have compassion and understanding for the financial situation my bankruptcy clients are going through here in San Bernardino and Riverside County.  As such,  I work very hard for my clients and charge them low fees. If you need debt relief, please call me. Paralegals and Bankruptcy Petition Preparers cannot give you legal advice or represent you.

Under 11 U.S.C. § 110(h), I declare under penalty of perjury that I am not an attorney or employee of an attorney, that I prepared or caused to be prepared one or more documents for filing by the above-named debtor(s) in connection with this bankruptcy case, and that compensation paid to me within one year before the filing of the bankruptcy petition, or agreed to be paid to me, for services rendered on behalf of the debtor(s) in contemplation of or in connection with the bankruptcy case.