Primerica Legal Protection Program


Contract questions. Tax issues. A parking ticket dispute that just won't go away. Lawyers aren't only for the big legal problems in life. They're for the everyday situations that you just can't handle on your own.

But what would you do if you needed the help of a lawyer today? Sure, the wealthy have access to lawyers whenever they need them.

But what about you?

With the Primerica Legal Protection Program you can make the playing field a little more even.

Primerica representative Arturo Nunez's family had a plan from the Primerica Legal Protection Program. This pre-paid legal program gave his mother and his brother the help they needed after his brother, Angel,* collided with a 16-year-old who was driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. With a broken vertebrae and a totaled car, Angel didn't know what to do - but his mother did. A long-time subscriber to PLPP, she contacted a program lawyer who not only gave her a consultation, but helped her and her son win the case.* With medical bills and surgery covered, a settlement received and the car value paid in full, the Nunezes were able to move on with their lives.

That's what PLPP does for families. It gives them the advantages of having an attorney without the huge cost of hiring one the traditional way. Primerica Legal Protection Program can help you with:

  • Legal Consultation and Legal Assistance Services
  • Will Benefits
  • Directive to Physician/Living Will
  • Durable Power of Attorney
  • Probate Benefits
  • Motor Vehicle-Related Benefits
  • Trial Defense Benefits
  • IRS Audit Legal Services
  • Contingency Fee Matters
  • All Other Legal Work

Don't Main Street families deserve legal protection just as much as - or even more than - big companies? Of course they do. And for just $25 a month, you can get a PLPP program to suit your needs.

You deserve to be protected, too.

*Angel was a dependent on his mother's Primerica Legal Protection Program.
**Primerica Legal Protection program. Exclusions and limitations may apply. See plan for details. Primerica representatives do not provide legal, tax or estate planning advice.

Please see important disclosures.